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Church Of Sin

An adult game about sinners and saints. · By Supreme Sinner


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Update x Hiatus
First, my apologies on the long delay for project news. For a while I've been swamped in work and as a result, I've been furiously working to clear my schedule...
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Something Sinful
Looking for something to do while you wait for Church of Sin? Fond of naughty nuns with dirty habits? Check out The Monastery . Assume the role of a priest who'...
Grismelda x Lunanestra
I started working on the pair of twin Goddesses that influence your fate. Can you tell which is which? Did I do enough to distinguish them from each other? Whic...
Chapter 2 & 3 + 50% Off
The past few months have been pretty wild for me. It seems that my mind has been pulled from the project in many aspects. Between personal health, family obliga...
v. 2.0 Progress Updates
I've been sharing these over on the Patreon page , but I will touch briefly on the current updates for the project. Being away from the project for such a long...
Covid Sucks!
Hello everyone! I've been quiet, and with good reason. I just recovered from COVID a few days ago. While I've had it before, this time I was bedridden with doub...
The Next Steps
The Next Steps Just yesterday I managed to write up the next major plot points for the story. This will detail events until about halfway into chapter 1 of the...
Intimacy / Corruption
I've been giving the intimacy system more thought and I feel I've determined how things will work. The intimacy system will allow you to obtain carnal energy fo...
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Nice demo, funny thing that you can die if you choose wrong option, its makes game a little more exciting. Would be nice...
started by Hand Of God Jul 31, 2022
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