The Next Steps

The Next Steps

Just yesterday I managed to write up the next major plot points for the story.

This will detail events until about halfway into chapter 1 of the game. I anticipate that this will add several more hours of gameplay , a host of new events and a few new features as well.

The focus on character development will be related to L'areena this time around. She's actually one of my favorite characters -- largely due to her past and mysterious mindset.

I won't share too much because of spoilers, but I think things will get much more exciting from this point on.

I've also sorted out the details on the intimacy system and a few other changes I would like to implement. One of the more major things I decided upon is the Exploration aspects of the game. Arco's central role as a Blade is the protection of the sisters. The frontier outpost he's been sent to is surrounded by wilderness on all sides. It is the church's responsibility to explore the new area and deal with any hidden threats.

Arco and his expedition members will be able to progress deeper into each zone, dealing with RPG style battles as they progress.

Here is a a visual example of what I'm going for:

This image is taken from another game I recently played called Genex Love.   You'll be able to set out with a group of three (maybe four?) members and take on progressively stronger enemies. Eventually you may come across lesser and normal bosses as well. The focus will be on skill and tactics for the most part, so you won't really spend too much time gaining levels. Rather, personal growth (aka the trainings) will raise your stats to prepare you for challenges.

I am actually looking forward to creating this aspect of the game, I'm a pretty big fan of turn based RPGs myself.

That's all for now, I'm looking  forward to the next update -- are you?

- Supreme Sinner

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