Intimacy / Corruption

I've been giving the intimacy system more thought and I feel I've determined how things will work.

The intimacy system will allow you to obtain carnal energy for Malvia while simultaneously having some fun. As a side effect, doing naughty things with each nun will open the doorway for even more lewd acts. To perform intimate acts, you will need affection which can be obtained by interaction and Luv-luv Nectar (aka Gifts).

There are two aspects to this system. The first is Arco's Corruption level, which will determine which acts of debauchery you can ultimately employ. As you partake in acts, this will increase steadily. Once it hits 100% or more, you will be able to take part in the naughtiest things possible (or rather, I can think of) and pretty much nothing will be off limits to Arco -- but what about his partners?

Nuns have a different aspect called Innocence. This value starts high and lowers as you continue to perform lewd acts with them. These acts will progressively get more intense / hardcore depending on both Arco's corruption and the nun's innocence.

Each nun has specific likes / dislikes, although this will not be known until you try various things. For example, one nun may like "butt stuff" while another might be into "water sports". In general, the more vanilla an act is, the less likely someone will react negatively to it. Of course, you won't know until you A) gain enough corruption to try these things and B) actually do them.

One idea I am also toying with is the idea of "permission". This is basically a prompt that appears at certain times. You are then asked if you want to discuss an unexplored kink with a particular nun, or just do it outright.  In other words, even if asked, she might respond negatively until she actually tries it.

The reason I'm "toying" with this idea is that it seems pretty close to the 'r' word in some aspects, I'm not sure if that's a place I'm interested in going with my work.

I also realize that some people like a nudge / prefer to be led at times. My thinking on this is that both people in the equation have already committed to sexual exploration, so in my mind it's more preference based consent.

What are your thoughts on this? I think this would open the project up so that intimacy can explore a wide range of kinks. It would also allow the player to only partake in kinks they find appealing.

P.S. Thanks for your support with the project. If some "hidden" goals are met, I will speed up development and release the next version early!

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Hey there, I just found out about your game, and I really regret having done so so long after you wrote this post. I don't know if you already decided on what route to take or if it's still up in the air, but this "permission" idea you outline here sounds exactly like the kind of thing I'd love to play! I love when games give me, the player, freedom of choice, and what some call "interactive lewd", the ability to decide on the bedroom or while having sexual interactions in general, is something that is sorely lacking in games, I'd definitely would love to see more of it! Best of lucks with the development of the game, I think I'll hold until 2.0 releases to give it a try!