1.3 Tips Guide

At the request of a player, I've created this tips guide to help you progress through 1.3 more smoothly.

Spoiler free, of course.

Once you reach chapter 1 (you begin in chapter 0, aka the prologue), you will be free to do as you please each day. There are roughly two ways you can spend your time,  social interaction and personal growth. Both are necessary to witness all the events offered in-game. There are many aspects to personal growth, so we will cover that first.

There are 3 stats that relate to character growth (at least in terms of advancing with each nun) Courage, Piety and Charisma.

These can be improved by performing various activities available to you. The other stats, Willpower, Conditioning and Perception as well as Strength, Speed and Spirit all play a role in exploration (which is not currently available). 

You can:

  •  Train at the field.
  •  Read at the pond
  •  Workout in your bedroom (time dependent)
  • Pray (bedroom)
  • Study (bedroom)
  • Worship at the statue in the church.

All of these actions will improve one or more facets of your player. Why is this important? Because doing so will allow you  to experience events with each nun.

Tonfa, for instance, requires Courage to advance her story.

For the purposes of 1.3, you will need to raise Courage, Piety and Charisma to level 2 each to experience all of the events. 

As for which nuns currently have events and how many:

  • Tonfa (3)
  • Riifar (5)
  • Alma (5-6)
  • L'areena (2)
  • Malvia (4)

Throughout the process of advancing their social bonds you will also experience some lewd events.

-Supreme Sinner

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